Run your fleet for less, part 3: Use forklifts more efficiently

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Sven Kruizenga

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Did you see our previous articles on battery management and lowering damage costs? It’s time for part three in our cost-saving series: vehicle utilisation.

Vehicles cost money, which they can only compensate when they are in use. Did you know that most forklifts are only used 35% of the time? There’s clearly room for improvement! On the other hand, it’s also possible to overuse forklifts, which can reduce their efficiency. And you can’t just monitor truck use for utilisation: you need to ensure drivers are working to their full potential too.

The I_Site Explorer portal is designed to help fleet managers achieve optimal use from their forklifts. It provides a whole host of relevant data, presented in an accessible visual format, to help you manage your fleet and operators.

I_Site Explorer utilisation chart

Are you utilising trucks properly?

How do you use all your resources efficiently? I_Site can help: it generates machine utilisation charts, which can quickly identify bottlenecks or unused capacity. Armed with this data, fleet managers can bring down peak utilisation, avoid unnecessary investments, swap vehicles to improve their usage rate, or even remove a machine from the fleet list.

Are you utilising drivers properly?

It’s not just about truck usage – you need to look at your operators too. How busy are they during their working day? Can they be more helpful in other areas during their shift? Do you need more or less drivers to run your operation smoothly?

This kind of saving isn’t achievable by chance. You need actionable data from connected vehicles, giving you a better understanding, greater flexibility and more control over your operation. Take the time to investigate your utilisation data and fill in the gaps where you can.


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