How technicians can improve your uptime thanks to connected trucks & T-Stream?

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Since 2018, all warehouse trucks produced by Toyota are equipped with integrated telematics, making them smart trucks as standard. Our technicians have been using a digital service tool for 20 years, but in 2018 we introduced an improved, future-proof tool on a cloud-based platform: T-Stream. Integrating these two areas will support the development of our service business and our ability to offer you even better support.


T-Stream is a service and administration tool, used by over 3.500 service technicians and the supporting back-office staff. T-Stream enables technicians to access relevant information integrated in the tool. Equipped with this, technicians can provide better service, resulting in higher uptime for your fleet.

T-Stream supporting customer service

One of our ultimate goals is to get from today’s reactive and traditional breakdown fixing to a more predictive maintenance service in the long run. Using the advantages of our connected trucks and analysing their data will finally enable us to prevent issues from occurring at your site. With this knowledge, we will also be able to improve the design of our trucks.

The importance of connectivity when using T-Stream

By integrating the T-Stream technology and features with our connected smart trucks, it allows us to explore possibilities to continuously adapt our service offer and efficiency. With the possibilities that our smart connected trucks provide, we have been able to introduce new features like remote access to status reports and sending service messages to a truck.

With remote access to a status report of your connected truck, your technician can prepare prior to the service visit for which type of issue to expect. This increases the ability to solve your problem during the first visit, for more efficient operations. 

Sending service messages to your connected truck allows the technician to inform your driver that he/she is on site. This alerts your driver to park the truck in a certain place or go see the technician. Your truck then doesn’t have to be left aside all day waiting for the technician to arrive, reassuring maximum uptime.

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Improving customer satisfaction

With the new service features going hand in hand with connectivity, we can clearly see a positive influence on customer satisfaction. All the key features mentioned above jointly raised our technicians’ first-fix rate, the ability to solve an issue for our customers at the first visit to them, to 96%.



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