Which forklifts are most suitable for block stacking?

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In storage, block stackingmeans stacking goods directly on the floor, one of top of the other, without using any racking system.  When the goods can be stacked that way and you use the right warehouse truck, this can be a smart way of storing palletised goods. Read which forklifts would be most suitable to support block stacking. 

When to block stack? 

When handling stable homogenous goods with low turnover, block stacking is a good solution. Companies with a limited budget for investments but enough space could find this an interesting way to (temporarily) store their goods.  It is important to consider your load’s strength, stability, weight and the condition of your pallets. 

Pallet stackers, the preferred choice 

First truck that should come to mind is a powered stacker. These trucks have different features to support block stacking: Toyota BT Staxio pallet stackers for blockstacking

  • Width of the truck: As the powered stacker’s width is narrower than the short side of most pallets it supports handling the blocked-stacked goods from that side really well. 
  • Speed of operation: especially the platform or stand-in models can support smooth and quick transport and handling from, for example, a conveyor belt to block storage. 
  • The lift height of 6 m is often sufficient to cover most block stacking requirements. 
  • If a pile of block-stacked goods is high, it is recommended to use powered stackers with overhead guards and/or fixed side guards for a safe operation. 


Automated stackers for more precision 

A downside to block stacking may be the risk of damaging the goods, as the products are all piled up and stored next to each other. A way to avoid this is to opt for AGVs. Automated pallet stackers pick and place very precisely. Workers perform more value added tasks.   

Reach trucks or electric forklifts when demands are higher 

Toyota BT Reflex N-series for blockstackingWhen more height is needed, the BT Reflex N-series with only 1120 mm chassis is perfect to store pallets of 1200 mm wide in block stacking. When goods are heavier, or need a special attachment, electric counterbalanced trucks are a good alternative.  



If block stacking suits your operation, explore our material handling equipment that suits your needs. 


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