Revealing the story behind the Traigo 80 Signature series- Limited edition

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For a limited time, the exclusive Toyota electric counterbalanced truck, Traigo 80, is available in a limited edition- signature design. Let's get a closer look at the story behind this signature design created in 

collaboration by both Toyota Design center and product marketing teams.

Toyota CB Electric truck _Traigo 80_production version

First of all, tell us a little about the Design center and your activities?

The Toyota Material Handling Design Center is built around a team of dedicated professionals, who have the creative wherewithal to come up with the right designs for the right business areas. These designs are obviously not only about aesthetics, but are firmly rooted in function. The products and services we deliver must do the job. All the time, every time. But they also have to look right, and be right for the user.

What is the signature design applied to the Traigo 80 Electric CB truck?

The Signature Series is a concept born out of the will to create a designed limited edition of the Traigo80. As with cars and other products, the Signature Series Traigo80, brings an exciting, racing graphic to the well-known forklift truck. We tapped into Toyota’s rich racing heritage and applied the same spirit to our forklifts.

Verification of prototype stickers, Bella Litinetski, industrial designer and in charge of Signature Series


Why have you applied a special design ? 

We have developed this special design as a way of introducing a new and fun concept for our customers, as we know that having something special and motivating at the workplace directly has a positive effect on the people performing the job. Our goal was to create a design that would bring added value to our customers, and ultimately to the direct users as well. As designers, we always imagine ourselves “in the shoes” of our final users, in this case-the drivers, so it’s always a pleasure when we can add value to make the working equipment more desirable and interesting to drive, something extra that can make your day on the job better and more interesting.

Toyota Traigo 80 signature series_demo unit (limited)

What is the difference with a standard Traigo 80 ?

The Traigo 80 signature series comes with additional safety and comfort features as standard, providing added value for the customers. Those features include:  a premium pneumatic suspension seat, proving optimal driver comfort for a productive operation. But also a panoramic rear-view mirror for enhanced rear visibility and safety, an automatic parking brake ensuring safe and productive operations and front and rear LED combination lights guaranteeing optimal visibility in all working conditions, including at night.

What is the added value for the customer?

The Signature Series is not only a graphic applied to the truck, it actually has a functional aspect as well: the entire graphic has been realised using high performance reflective materials, bringing more visibility and safety as well as truly making a statement aesthetically. The TOYOTA logo on the mast and on the counterweight will be illuminated brightly when in a dark environment, as well as the side panel and rear pillar graphics of course.


What are the benefits of this truck?

The Traigo80 is a powerful and versatile forklift truck which can be used in various heavy-duty applications both indoors and outdoors. It has class-leading productivity with its ability to move high numbers of pallets during long operations, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative compared to traditional IC CB’s.

Is this the only truck that will go under a limited edition design ?

This is the first truck that underwent a special design process but of course this won't be the only one. We will surely apply a specific design to other trucks in the future to highlight the uniqueness of our Toyota trucks as well as bringing added value to the customer. 

Where does the Design center team get inspiration for new / special designs?

The simplest answer to that question is – everything. If you’re open enough everything can serve as an inspiration. We’ve considered many different design proposals during the development process, but in the end the racing livery took the pole position.


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