How to improve your order pickers’ ergonomics?

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Order pickers

Picking in e-commerce or order fulfilment warehouses is a repetitive task that puts strain on the operators. Toyota’s low-level order picker trucks are designed to facilitate the picking throughout the shift and can be ordered with additional solutions to support the operators even more. 

Low effort to get on and off 

Order picking is a task that requires frequent hopping on and off the truck. It is not uncommon that an operator repeats this cycle two or three hundred times per hour. With this in mind, the truck design must be optimised for frequent ON/OFF. A low and wide opening makes it easy to step on and off the truck and a spacious operator compartment provides comfort to any type of operator, regardless the physique. It facilitates picking from the floor level for the operators.  Toyota BT Optio low-level order picker

Easy steering 

Toyota’s order pickers come with E-man steering that offers a high level of safety, productivity and ergonomics. The system is easy to grasp and gives several benefits: 

  • One hand operation: Easy and ergonomic operation in all directions. You can use both hands or only the left or right hand for steering.  The E-man system has a smart feature letting the operator move the steering unit laterally across the battery cover with one simple action. 
  • Relaxed and safe driving: When driving in fork direction the operator can keep the whole body within the truck profile. 
  • Walking alongside the truck whilst moving the truck forward: No need to jump on the truck with each truck movement, minimising fatigue for the operator. 
  • Higher productivity: save time when picking 


Comfortable picking at second level 

toyota-bt-optio-l-series-ose250pBy having an elevating platform, the operator can reach second level in a safe manner.  This also reduces operator fatigue and allows for a steady work pace during the shift. The control unit is raised simultaneously with the platform. 

The operator can lift and lower the platform while moving the truck, making it possible to perform repeated picking activities at second level without lowering the platform, saving valuable time. 

A foot-operated lowering switch on the platform floor is indispensable when operators have their hands full with picked goods. A double-click on the switch will lower the platform without using your hands. 


Ergonomic work height 

Toyota BT Optio low-level order picker with raised forksWhen picking small items, it is convenient to have an order picker model with elevating forks This way you can raise the pallet to an ergonomic working height to place the products on it. For bulkier loads, it’s recommended to go for a walkthrough model that has the forks fixed to the platform and raise at the same level. 



Remote-controlled movement 

Toyota order picker with remove control for higher efficiencyOrder picking is a repetitive and time-consuming activity, with operators frequently stepping on and off trucks to pick goods and to move their trucks to the next picking location. The BT Optio low level order picking trucks with the t-mote remote drive function allow the operator to move the truck forward without having to ride on the truck. Minimising the need to constantly step on and off the truck reduces the risk of injuries and fatigue for the operator. It also keeps operators' hands free for picking goods as it just uses a small remote control with finger activation. 


Order pickers come with many standard and optional features to make picking more comfortable for your operators. Explore our range of order pickers or request a quote based on your needs. 


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