5 ways to improve stacking performance at very high lift heights

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When talking about very high lift heights, we are referring to fork heights above 8 metres. For these stacking heights, a reach truck is best suitable. They are designed to fit narrow aisles and lift very high. On top, Toyota reach trucks deliver excellent performance in combination with great driver comfort. 

You can imagine that placing pallets safely and smoothly at those heights isn’t that easy and depends a lot on the skills of the operator. Therefore, we want to share a few solutions that can make that task easier with our reach trucks, keeping safety and productivity high throughout the shift.

Go for a clear view onto the load

BT Reflex transparant roof for great visibility

By having a clear, unobstructed view throughout the handling process you are able to maintain maximum safety standards for everyone in your workplace. Seeing the load clearly also allows to increase speed, for higher productivity. A clear view all-round and on the fork tips will minimise damage to goods or racking, leading to less costs. The reach trucks from Toyota come with clear view masts and transparent roof option, for even better upward view.

Keep the operator focused  

23989_768x400_toyota mh

Working at heights during a whole shift is tiring. To maintain the focus of the operator, our reach trucks with unique tilting cab not only optimise visibility on the load for quicker handling, but also improve the driver’s position. In combination with a cabin and controls designed around the operators, they can enjoy a comfortable driving position, leading to less fatigue and strain after a long working day, and more productivity.

Add features for higher precision

The better the view on the fork tips, the quicker loads can be placed or retrieved. This makes load handling faster and minimises damage to goods or pallets meaning less damage cost. Optional equipment on our reach trucks can contribute to even quicker picking or positioning of the load such as:

  • Load weight indicator
  • Load information display
  • Height indicator
  • Height preselector & lift height limitation
  • Camera solution
  • Fork position laser
  • Attachments such as sideshift and forkspreader


Test the lifting performance

Lifting goods to high heights takes time, and this time can be impacted by the mast sway or transition between free lift and main lift. The reach trucks from Toyota are designed with great stability and performance with little mast sway. The reach movement is smooth and optimised based on lift height and load weight. In addition, the Transitional Lift Control (TLC) feature allows for totally smooth transition between the free and main lift, offering better ergonomics for the operator thanks to less shocks and better lift speeds and safer load handling.

Consider automated stacking

Why not consider an automated reach truck? Automating repetitive tasks in your operations, such as storing and retrieving goods, brings a high level of safety and accuracy on site and supports lean thinking. The Autopilot reach truck range from Toyota is equipped with scanners and vision-aided load support, ensuring high productivity and minimised damage when load handling and driving.


Storage applications with high racking are areas where reach trucks can thrive. They are ergonomic, fast, stable, and fit to do the job in an efficient way. To make the load handling at high heights even safer and quicker, the reach trucks from Toyota are available with several features and options to support your operators.


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