5 reasons why you would choose a Toyota Used Truck

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Used trucks

Depending on your needs, a new truck may not always be the best option. You can buy a Toyota used truck with confidence. Throughout their lifetime, these forklifts are maintained by our Toyota-certified technicians using only Toyota genuine parts. 

Here are 5 reasons why you would choose a Toyota Used Truck:

  1. Always the best fit: did you know Toyota Material Handling has a wide range of used trucks? Because of our international network, we are always able to find the best fit for your company. All used trucks are also inspected and maintained by our certified technicians.
  2. Online shop: buying or renting a used truck has never been this easy. You can go to your local webpage to browse our online shop or contact one of our dealers. The web shop also allows you to choose a service offer that suits your business.
  3. Approved used trucks: all our used trucks are cleaned thoroughly and checked afterwards. They are inspected and reconditioned by a certified technician and finally when needed they get a new layer of paint to look brand-new. This unique process including a final check is the reason why we are calling our trucks "Approved" Used Trucks.
  4. Maintained with Toyota genuine parts only: all Toyota trucks are produced with the help of our Toyota Production System (TPS). During their lifecycle they are maintained by a certified Toyota technician using only Toyota genuine parts. 
  5. Warranty and service agreement: We offer you different warranty and service solutions that suit your needs. Our salespeople are happy to advise you for the best fit. 


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