Difference between a pallet stacker and a reach truck

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It is sometimes difficult to judge whether a powered stacker truck or a reach truck will be the best option for lifting pallets at your warehouse or manufacturing site. Both can do the job, so wherein lies the difference?  Let us take a closer look at the features and use of the truck. 

Application: where can these forklifts be used 

In essence, they can both be used for the same applications, i.e. lifting and transporting pallets, but the differences lie in the flexibility, capabilities, ergonomics, size and manoeuvrability. 

Pallet stackers  Reach trucks 
  • Tiller arm steering and compact chassis for easy manoeuvrability in tight areas  

  • Steering wheel, foot pedals and direction switch for high manoeuvrability

  • For aisle widths of 2200-2500 mm 

  • For aisle widths of 2800-3000 mm 

  • Lift heights up to 6 m 

  • Lift heights up to 13 m 

  • Load weights up to 2000 kg

  • Load weights up to 2500 kg 

  • Stationary mast with fork carriage, mainly for open pallet handling 

  • Retractable mast with tiltable forks for open & closed pallet handling 

  • Standing or pedestrian operator 

  • Operator seated 

  • Typical applications: 
    • Manufacturing 

    • DIY stores  

    • Smaller warehouses and high density racking

  • Typical applications: 
    • Distribution centres  

    • Manufacturing plants 

    • Large warehouses 


Productivity: how to make the best use of the truck  

Toyota BT Staxio HWE100 for light-duty stackingThe Toyota stacker range is a wide range with many different models such as low-intensity pedestrian stackers for occasional stacking, walkie stackers with short turning radius, platform stackers and stand-in pallet stackers for higher speed (up to 10 km/h). Productivity and comfort increase when going from pedestrian to platform or stand-in models. Most of the Toyota reach trucks are designed for high-speed operation (up to 14 km/h) and intensive work.  With the comfortable operator cab, good all-round view and easy steering, these machines support the drivers to keep productivity high during the entire shift. 

High level of comfort in different applications  

Toyota BT Reflex reach truck in warehouseNot every application requires the same level of comfort. If you only need to stack a few pallets a day, a simple walkie pallet stacker will do. However, for long shifts and frequent lifting at elevated height, a driver deserves better comfort. Intuitive controls, high-comfort seating, adjustable operator compartment according to the driver’s posture make Toyota BT Reflex reach trucks the better choice for highly intensive work during multiple shifts. A wide choice of options to facilitate the tasks of the drivers when working at height are available, like fork cameras, height indicators, etc. can make you opt for these machines. 

Ever heard of a stacker with retractable mast? 

Toyota pedestrian stacker with retractable mast

What if you need the flexibility of a reach truck and the compactness of a stacker?  Then the Toyota stacker with retractable and tiltable mast might be the perfect machine for you.

Able to stack, transport and (un)load from a closed conveyor belt, these flexible machines offer high versatility in use. 



Now that you have a clearer idea of what material handling equipment would fit your stacking application, explore our reach trucks or find the right stacker model with our guide.   


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